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No! FloorOffice works modulars. You can perfectly decide to only buy AutoFloor for drawing layout plans. Also the FloorDesk modules are seperately available. You only want to purchase the LoadPlanner? Or only the CapacityPlanner? No problem! Contact us and we discuss what you need and make you a customized quote.

Since AutoFloor, for the drawing of lay out plans, is an AutoCAD-based software application you need to have an AutoCAD engine. Customers who already have a full AutoCAD available can use the AutoFloor drawing app. Customers who don’t have a full AutoCAD yet can use the AutoFloor ID. AutoFloor ID includes the Autodesk CAD Engine and is available for a very economic price. Please contact us for more information.

U can directly contact our support engineers by telephone or by mail. First-line support is provided by our team BIM consultants. Second-line support is provided by the team of developers. After contacting us we can take over your pc from distance so we can immediately resolve the problem so you don't lose time and can work further on your project.

Yes, if you decide to purchase a maintenance plan, which we stronly advise, you will automatically receive the latest updates of our software with the newest features.

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