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Customer relation ship management, Preparing Quotations, Quotation management, status management, Delivery notes, Invoices, Statistics, ...

It all starts with… FloorDesk Admin. FloorDesk Admin is the ‘glue’ between all modules and all data created by the FloorOffice software applications. FloorDesk Admin is based on MS®SQL database technology and is a bundle of several tools: Customer relation management, preparing quotations and quotation management,
workflow and status management, pricelist management, document management, stock management, delivery notes, invoicing, statistics, etc, etc… and the nice thing about FloorDesk Admin is that these databases are connected with all other modules for drawing, planning and handling. Customers that don’t want to input any data a second time made a choice for FloorDesk Admin! Avoid mistakes, gain time and give the information to your customer that he is expecting. All data available for all people in a few clicks…

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