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    Floordesk Admin

    FloorDesk is the ERP software that seamlessly connects to the AutoFloor applications and offers you the possibility to computerize all administrative and planning tasks.

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    AutoFloor enables you to draw and label layouts for all types of prefab floors: hollowcore slabs, solid slabs, prestressed- and reinforced slabs, filigree slabs as well as T-beam systems.

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  • Design & Analyze Precast floors
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    PreConSlab is a software tool to design and analyze prestressed or reinforced concrete flooring systems. All calculations are performed according to EuroCode 2, in conjuction with National Annexes.
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    Floordesk Planners

    Based on years of experience the FloorDesk planners will surely impress. Planning for all different kinds of prefab flooring production can be done in no time and in the most optimized way.

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    Connecting can and will be done on different levels. FloorOffice can be integrated/ connected to your existing bookkeeping and/or ERP software system. Covering the whole workflow means also connecting to production

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  • handling floor yards
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    Yard & Logistics

    Organizing the handling is not easy. This takes time and is difficult to get it fully under control. FloorOffice offer tools that can help in clear communication and share the information towards the (external)
    parties involved.
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    bim ready

    FloorOffice is integrated into the BIM process. Drawings are created in 2D, and 3D presentation can be generated for use in a 3D BIM model. Exports in IFC is available and can be imported in all BIM software and converted to COBie format.
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With FloorOffice we were up-and-running in a recordtime. i-Theses developed the necessary tools which makes us able to link directly to our production. Errors are history! FloorOffice is very easy to use and very fast to learn. Our staff of the Engineering Department had AutoCAD experience. With minimal training, they could work fluently with the software and they smoothly worked out files.

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  • O i-Theses

    i-Theses jest specjalistą w oprogramowaniu do obliczania i projektowania budynków, infrastruktury, projektów geoprzestrzennych i mechanicznych.

    W roku 1995 i-Theses rozpoczęło swoją działalność od stworzenia Tc LegPlan, aplikacji do projektowania układów płyt kanałowych. W 2007 roku i-Theses od zera stworzyło zupełnie nową aplikację...

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